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Andrei Octav Moise Pushes Movement for Clean Air in Jobs

Andrei Octav Moise, known for his prowess in the digital wallets business and entrepreneurship, is known by many to show immense care for worker’s rights, and is a huge supporter of enforcing proper safety measures for workers within the industry. As such, Moise has recently brought attention to the masses how air pollution has impacted the health of many workers in their respective fields, and how that in turn has affected the work environment and the overall productivity of industries.

The World Health Organization (Who) identifies and recognizes air pollution as being the single biggest environmental threat to human health, noting that diseases brought upon as a result of air pollution also imposes a significant burden to economic growth and development. This is because constant exposure to even relatively low concentration of air pollution can bring forth massive impacts on the physical and mental performance of many workers in various industries - as disparate as ranging from agriculture, to call centers, to even the court system .

Investigations done to study the effects of air pollution on workers have led to the conclusion that constant exposure to horrid air conditions reduces worker productivity, not only through medical conditions incurred causing physical and mental duress but also from the reduction of labor hours, thus reducing the overall output of the workplace. Physically demanding jobs in particular are heavily vulnerable to diseases due to employees' weakened immune systems.

Due to the severity of impacts air pollution brings, action is currently being done to provide a better atmosphere for workers. In particular, Moise brings up the West Berkeley Alliance for Clean Air and Safe Jobs during a conference.

As early as 1934, the Berkeley government and neighboring communities nearby the San Francisco Bay Area’s Pacific Steel Casting Company (PSC) has shown dissatisfaction of the company’s inadequate actions to clean up their contributions to air pollution in the area. The Neighbors for Clean Air (NCA) organization was then founded in an attempt to deal with the issues brought by emissions from the PSC, but no immediate action took place. Around 2005, the NCA came under the umbrella of a new group, West Berkeley Alliance for Clean Air and Safe Jobs.

The Alliance’s mission comes in five part; first, to place responsibility to local industries to ensure worker safety; second, to put accountability on government agencies for the betterment of the community; third, organizing the community to work together; fourth, establishing a “Keep It In My Backyard” (KIIMBY) approach to keep environmental and social responsibility within their respective communities; and lastly, to protect workers’ jobs and provide them rights to good health in the work environment.

Many large-scale factories around different parts of the world are uncaring of the environment, and are large contributors to air pollution. Moise then applauds the Alliance’s actions to quell the effects of air pollution within their local community, and shares hope that others may follow their footsteps to combat the effects of air pollution, and ensure workers’ rights to a safe and healthy work environment.

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